As we already mentioned we do have experience of more than 10 years in this loan recovery field. We also learned so many things while working in the industry, we changed and adapt new things to get optimize the result of recovery and we also learned a new few things from the latest technologies which are now an integral part of each and every person.

Following Guidelines of RBI

We do neat and clean work of loan recovery as per the guidelines of RBI.
Till now No complaint reported in ombudsmen have been made by any customer or any bank.

Vast Experience

We do have more than 10 years of Experience in this Industry

Educated and Responsible Staff

Our Recovery Officer is responsible for the collection of debts prior to legal recovery proceedings commencing, negotiating payments/payment arrangements, handling debtor inquiries, and provides assistance to the customer after talking to Team Head.

Able to work on great in old cases

We are doing loan recovery in old cases and new both. With the help of our team, we are able to give great results in old loan recovery cases as well.

Competent to find old persons

We are able to work on New loan recovery cases and as well as on old loan recovery cases. Our team is capable of finding a person’s new current address with old information provided/available.